Just a Minor Problem

This morning my cousin Hanesee who just started teaching pre-school is already making quite a ruckus. She just moved in next door last month when she got hired to a nearby Learning Center for kids in our block. So obviously she was very ecstatic to move in nearby and to her luck the apartment building next door just got a recent vacancy. Talk about perfect timing. I have always wanted to have her around, we can jog together, study and learn new things at the same time hang out and all that except for one thing and that is waking up with such great spirit early in the morning. Back to the topic, she was making fuzz not for anything major, but to her it is quite an emergency already. She somehow had broken her classroom name tag and needs an urgent replacement. Of course I asked what she was doing with it on the very first place. To my surprise she actually took it off her classroom wall as she wanted to design it and put some stickers and decals that by accident she dropped it and it broke in half. We hurried and asked our aunt who used to be a teacher too and suggested that we check out a site for name tags so we can order a replacement. That’s pretty much sums up our whole day but at least we found a solution for her problem.


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