Jeans: Good Pair Hunting

Jeans: Good Pair Hunting

What to look for when shopping for jeans.

  • Prefer dark.
  • Heavier denim shades like indigo and black make you look slimmer, can be worn day or night, and match just about anything!

  • Prefer boot-cut.
  • Large flares are for high school kids who don’t care about the extra bulk it adds to their young figures. Fans of the boot-cut are hooked forever — it fits most body types perfectly, and makes any shape just a touch sexier. Boot-cut that ends at your heels also gives you a leaner, more confident stride.

  • Go for comfort.
  • Brand and popular taste should be the least of your worries. And please, don’t hesitate to try on a bigger size if needed. It does not necessarily mean you gained weight. Sizes differ across styles and labels. Try as many pairs as you can.

  • Try sitting.
  • Low-rise jeans are sexy and modern. The waist falls just under the bellybutton, lessing chances for unflattering tummy folds. Beware, however, that some go so low they expose parts that shouldn’t be made public. Sit and check.

  • Trends, why not?
  • If Britney Spears’ hipsters appeals to you, go ahead! Just make sure your upper body doesn’t look like it’s spilling out of your jeans; that you’re comfortable wearing them (not constantly fidgeting and pulling them up); and that you’ve got low-cut underwear to go with it. No exposed undies please!


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