I Want More Stuff!

This past few months I was able to buy different stuffs for my room. I bought a huge cabinet, Lil Kimy’s bookshelf, electric fan, lamp, a complete set of pretty curtains, lots of plastic organizers, and a whole lot more! I am really happy that I was blessed to work under a good company which gives me the opportunity to buy the things I ever really wanted.

Anyway, speaking of home stuffs, the next thing I want to buy is a small washing machine just for my lil kiddo’s clothes. I am just waiting for someone to leave our house before I purchase it at SM City – Bacolod. LOL. Aside from that, I also want to buy an outdoor electric grill. I’ve been suffering from all the terrible smoke everytime we set-up our own mini grill at our backyard. LOL. I am fond of doing the ‘grill thingy’ so I’ve just decided to buy an electric grill, for a change. LOL.


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