I Love Traveling

With all the beauty and wonders of the world, I simply just can’t get enough of our Mother Nature. There is just too much to see and appreciate which is I love traveling and capturing the beauty of the world in pictures. I travel a lot and it is not like I can always go back and see the same place again which is why I try my best to put them all into pictures. After all with pictures I can always go back and re-live the moment. Silent words expressed in beautiful photographs with all the memories that you have experienced as it was captured. Sometimes when there are places or view that I can’t reach I have to use my Nikon binoculars to be able to appreciate things from a distance. My camera has a zoom feature except I don’t have the expensive kind like the professional photographers do so it does not get too far out. Maybe someday I can save up for a better cam so I can take snaps of those areas where only my binoculars can reach at the moment.


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