I Love Photography

As you all know taking photographs had always been my thing. Whether I am the model or I’m the photographer my love for pictures will never falter. I have an eye for beauty and all things creative and I am the type of person love to capture wonderful concept outdoors. There are quite exceptional circumstances when the shots have to be indoors and setting up a studio had never been my specialty.

I am absolutely clueless on getting a great catch indoors and somehow as I was trying to fix the lighting on my studio I passed by a step stool that would very not just come in handy for hard work, but can be a great props for an indoor themed photo shoot. There are also farm stools and nursing stools that have wonderful design, but of course it’s not what I needed on my studio. LOL. Anyway, I’ve searched samples already and had found great ideas that I’m already excited to try. Hopefully all works out for the best.


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