How To Wear Your Animal Prints

How To Wear Your Animal Prints

Practically everything these days come in animal prints. From iPhone cases to shoes to clothes to nail polish – everyone is going ga-ga over animal prints and are letting out their wild side. Rawr.

However, a lot of our fashionistas these days are going a little bit over the top. How do you find the find line that divides classy animal print fashion from total-jungle-misfit look? Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t wear clashing animal prints. Seriously, ladies, how do you find logic and fashion in a zebra top with a pair of leopard print maxi pants or booties? Unless you’re perfecting the “food-chain” look, by all means avoid too many animals in one body!
  2. Keep the animal print as the highlight of the outfit. Reduce your animal print to one or two articles.
  3. Maintain peace and order between your animal (prints) and your color palette. Just because you went wild with your animal printed outfit does not mean you are going to go wild with the colors you pair it with. Keep your colors friendly and cool to the eyes. Leopards and zebras are a bit too much so tone down a bit on the compliments with some nudes, earth tones, blacks, or softer colors. Avoid neons and equally shocking colors. Just. Don’t.

If you’re yet unsure of rocking an animal print outfit, start with a few small pieces like bags or scarves.


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