How To Shop For Wedding Rings At Estate And Jewelry Stores On A Budget

How To Shop For Wedding Rings At Estate And Jewelry Stores On A Budget

The good news about buying wedding rings and wedding jewelry is that you can buy beautiful pieces in about any budget range.

Unlike the reception, flowers, wedding attire and other wedding goods and services, there is a large supply of jewelry stores, estate and antique sales to find rings.

To make sure you win the wedding ring shopping wars, use these tips to find the perfect piece of jewelry that suits your personality and your budget.

Average Wedding Ring Costs

On average, couples typically spend around $2000 for their wedding bands and the bride’s engagement ring. Prices range from as little as $40 dollars for a plain, 10k gold ring to $3,500 or more for a solid and heavy platinum ring — see more at

Wedding Ring and Band Basics

Here are five things you should consider when shopping for your wedding rings:

  1. Karat and Gold Purity – Karat is a term that refers to the purity of the gold. For example, pure gold is 24k, while 18K gold rings have 74 percent gold and 25 percent other metals. 18K gold is softer than 24K and is often more susceptible than 24K to damage. On the other hand, 14K wears better and is less expensive.
  2. The Ring’s Style – Gold can be mixed with other metals to alter its appearance. For example, a 14K white gold ring is a mixture of copper, gold, nickel and zinc. Pure gold, however, has a golden yellow color.
  3. Try Other Metals – Instead of gold or platinum, consider tungsten, steel or titanium wedding bands. Like gold, platinum jewelry is expensive. So choose a ring that has alternative metals or a combination of two different metals for the groom’s wedding band.
  4. Consider the Width – A ring’s width is measured in a millimeter –which means the wider the ring, the more expensive it is. Most women’s wedding bands are between 2 to 5 millimeters, while men’s bands are between 4 to 7 millimeters wide.
  5. The Finish – A ring’s finish can vary from ornate to simple. If you prefer a shiny finish to a matte one, choose a high polish band. Your wedding ring can have diamond cuts, monograms and other finishes.

The 2 Best Wedding Ring Money-Saving Shopping Tips

Here are the top tips you should follow to save the most money on your wedding day jewelry:

  1. Don’t forget to comparison shop before you make a final purchase. Do mall jewelry stores, independent jewelry dealers or antique sellers have the best deals on wedding jewelry? There is no real way to tell unless you comparison shop. Special deals, sales, creative financing offers and other one-day events may make one jewelry store less expensive than the other. Make sure you shop around and compare the same jewelry items at each store to get the best deal.
  2. Do consider the new synthetic jewelry. If you want a diamond wedding ring, but you cannot afford the high diamond prices, consider buying a synthetic stone instead. You can purchase a cubic zirconium or Moissanite stone that looks just like the real thing.


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