How To Make Applying False Lashes A Whole Lot Easier

How To Make Applying False Lashes A Whole Lot Easier

The eyes are often said to be the windows of the soul. Arguably one of the most striking features on the face, the eyes can be greatly enhanced with a variety of cosmetic products. There are currently a number of applications for making these features stand out even more than they already do. The most popular of these is false eyelashes. Unlike mascara, false eyelashes don’t smear, drip, or run. Best of all, when they’re properly applied, they’re capable of producing a lush, full and entirely natural-looking frame around the eyes. Following are several tips for making sure that fake lashes look and feel amazing every time you put them put on.

Stack Lashes For A Thicker And More Voluminous Look

If you have experience in applying these products, then you may be ready to take your look to the next level. You can get a thicker and much more dramatic look by stacking your lashes. This entails using two complete sets of lashes rather than just one. Moreover, instead of using two sets that are the exact same size and shape, consumers are advised to choose pairs with different cuts and dimensions. This will give each layer a chance to stand out while creating the look of naturally lush lashes. An easy alternative to stacking two sets of falsies is to simply have eyelash extensions applied in multiple, voluminous layers. This will create the same, dramatic results, and with longer-lasting benefits.

Lay Out All Of Your Gear Before Before Getting Started

Whether applying false lashes to yourself or using them to enhance someone else’s look, make sure to get all of your gear ready before removing these products from their box. Too much handling and mishandling can cause these units to become bent, frayed, and hardly acceptable for use. Bear in mind that they will also be positioned directly above the eyes. As such, you want to avoid putting them down on any surfaces in-between removal and application. This way, you won’t be exposing them to any harmful microorganisms that might cause problems like conjunctivitis or other, more serious eye infections. For makeup artists, this is just as important to remember when offering microblading services or eyelash extensions. Not having all of your supplies for lash extensions out and ready ahead of these jobs can result in problems that have a lasting impact on the reputation of your business. No matter how clean and organized your salon happens to be, there’s always the risk of having these products come in contact with harmful bacteria.

Wrap Your Lashes Around Your Makeup Brush Before Applying Them

One large part of applying these products correctly is properly cutting and shaping them. You’ll want to trim each set to match the actual length of your lids. To give these products a shape that fits seamlessly along the curve of your lids, start by wrapping them around a relatively thick makeup brush. Letting them sit in a coiled position for approximately 10 to 15 minutes will give these lashes the necessary curl for creating an even curve when applying. This will also prevent the inner and outer edges from curling and lifting up throughout the day.

Apply Glue To The Actual Lash Line

Rather than fumbling around with the glue in an effort to apply it directly to the falsies, go ahead and apply it to the actual lash line instead. When finished, let the glue partially dry until it has a tacky consistency. You should then be able to apply the lashes firmly to the top of this adhesive for a smooth and even finish. Although compromising the health and integrity of the natural lashes is always concern, using the right glue removal products will effectively prevent lost lashes and skin irritation.

Fake lashes are perfect for special events. When they’re applied correctly, some people even find them ideal for everyday wear. Fortunately, the tips above will make it easy for anyone to apply these products like a seasoned pro.


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