How to Have Clean Beautiful Nails

Beautiful Nails

Having attractive hands are important to women as well as to men. Here are some extra tips on how to have more beautiful hands and nails in seconds to make you feel much more lovely and confident. Learn exactly how to have a proper care for your nails and hands by following these simple and easy steps.

  • Before you begin, it is necessary to wash your hands extensively to make sure all the unwanted oil and dirt are being removed from your nails and hands. Wash and dry your hands completely.
  • Push your cuticles back, but don’t force it as you don’t want to damage or hurt your nail beds.
  • Buff your nail beds using a buffer to clear away all the marks and to obtain a smooth and shinny nail bed.
  • Using the nail file, carefully file the edges of your nails either square (if you have long nails) or oval (if your nails are short) to round it off.
  • Put on a coat of clear nail polish on your nails for a natural look or colored nail polish for a much more radiant look. Wait a few minutes then apply another coat so that the nail polish will last longer on your nails.
  • Apply cuticle oil over your cuticles to take the dryness away.
  • Finally, put on a good hand cream to make your hands soft and smooth.

Additional Tips:

  • If you bite your nails, it’s best to grow them a bit before filing the edges oval or square.
  • For a perfect manicured look, you can add white nail polish to your tips.
  • Don’t buff your nail beds to harshly, it can damage your nails and it might get infected or your nails will get thin and start breaking off as soon as it’s starting to grow.


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