How to Dress Up Your Man – And How to Convince Him Too

How to Dress Up Your Man – And How to Convince Him Too

‘A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.’

Thank God for whoever said this. She just nailed one of the most undeniable, necessary truths in behalf of all of us daughters of Venus (and said out loud what every man should know)!

Admit it, not everyone of the male kind was born with a penchant and natural instinct for the stylish and the fashionable. And most of them are not willing to give in to the calling of the fashionable flock.

But while we girls would not want to be upstaged by our men in the outfit department on a regular basis, we would really love to go out with a guy in dapper clothes and not just the usual jeans and short sleeved polo shirts for date night.

So for the sake of all the women with the same woes, here are some tips on how to dress up our men, and how to convince them *wink*.

Start to subtly introduce the idea. Now this is very tricky – phrasing it wrongly may end up in you unintentionally hurting his ego. You can start by showing him a photo of an outfit that you would want him to wear. Use ego-boosting words like ‘I can imagine you in this’ or ‘I bet you’d look good in this’. (Or better yet, use the exact same words he uses when he asks you to wear some lingerie).

This will let him know that you want him in that as much as it makes him happy to see you in an ohh-la-la lingerie.

The secret to success at this stage is showing him something that is not too foreign to him. Don’t expect him to like something out of a K-Pop magazine if he’s into RnB. Stay close to his likes. This will get him comfortable with the idea.

And most importantly, go shopping with him. Don’t leave him to do it on his own and expect a Ryan Gosling. Listen to him too. After all, he’s going to wear it, not you.

A good place to start for a fool-proof instant dapper is the navy suit. It’s the male version of our own LBD’s and he can wear it with a plain white inner shirt and some dark, tailored jeans. Black loafers are the safest place for footwear too; it’s as versatile, as it is stylish.

And last piece of advice ladies, you are not trying to change your man. When he switches back to his ragged old ways, it doesn’t make him less of a man.

So go ahead and print that Justin Timberlake poster and email it to him for some inspiration!


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