How To Correctly Measure Your Bra Size

How To Correctly Measure Your Bra Size

Just because you have a smaller bust size does not mean that you don’t need a bra that fits properly. Many women who wear a 36a or smaller bra size, however, tend to choose a bra from a local department store and they don’t give much thought to the fit. In many cases, they put up with problems, such as the straps falling off of the shoulders or the cups showing wrinkles under their clothes (Source: 36a bra size at Lula Lu). These are issues that can be overcome if you are measured for the right bra and choose one that is right for you.

There are 2 measurements that need to be taken in order to determine the bra size. You will need to take the measuring tape around the back near the strap and measure around to the area near the top of the breastbone. This is going to determine the band size. If it is an even number, it is the actual size of the band but if it is an odd number, you will need to round it up to the next even inch.

The second measurement will need to be taken to the fullest part of the breast. The measurement will be used to determine your cup size. You will subtract the band size from this measurement and use a chart, which can be found online, to get your accurate cup size.

Finally, you will need to determine your bra size by the way that the bra fits. There may be slight differences from one brand to another, so find the one that fits you comfortably and wear it regularly.

For more information about the measurement of petites’ bra sizing, visit this website:

Claire Pearl has worked with petite fashion designers for a number of years to create a special line for petite women who wear unique bra size including 32aa or 36aaa. Feel free to contact her over at Google+ for fashion tips or questions about the industry.


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