How Did The Egyptians Create The Pyramids? Engineering Ideas Explored

The construction of the Egyptian pyramids has long been a subject of controversy. No one knows for sure how they were constructed but those who believe they know tend to be adamant in that belief. The problem is that those holding these strong convictions often hold differing ideas of how the pyramids were made.

Aliens Did It

The theory that aliens were involved in the construction of the pyramids is an enduring one. Many believe that extra terrestrials had to have assisted with the building of the pyramids because such an engineering feat would not have been possible by the ancient Egyptians. The alien technologies that would have been used to form the pyramids are usually not known even to those who embrace this belief wholeheartedly but that does not necessarily mean that those technologies do not exist or that they were not used to build these colossal structures.

A Long Lost Egyptian Technology

There are many who do not believe that aliens had anything to do with the building of the pyramids but instead believe that the Egyptians did have special technology. How this special technology came to be or what happened to it is cause for speculation but its existence is irrefutable truth to some people. Of course, the fact that this technology, if it existed, was lost makes it difficult to substantiate these claims.

Built By Known Egyptian Techniques

There are still others who believe that the Egyptians just built the pyramids with the basic tools and labor of their civilization that people know of today. Much of the pyramids were composed of local stones such as limestone and the rest was said to have been made from stones from far away places. It has been hypothesized that these stones and other building materials were simply floated down the Nile so that they could be used in the great endeavor of building pyramids. Wherever the stones were harvested from, many believe that they were cut and removed from where they were found using basic tools like copper chisels.

As for how these large chunks of stone were actually put into place to form the pyramids, those who believe the Egyptians built them in this way think that the stones were just pushed, pulled, and maneuvered into place using these basic techniques. It is possible that oil was used in conjunction with oxen or people pulling stones into place. Ramps were used to get the stones to the greater heights of the pyramid. Those who follow this school of thought say the pyramids could have been built this way and that they were built this way.

How Were The Pyramids Built?

The pyramids were built. That much is known. How they were built is a mystery. There may be more than one plausible explanation but because those who lived at that time are no longer around to share their knowledge, it may be lost to time. The best that can be given from those living in the present looking back is an educated guess.

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