Herbal P

A friend came to me and ask me about diet pills but as always, I don’t have a clue because first of all, I don’t drink or use any of it. I prefer slimming teas and slimming coffees for it has lesser side effects and it’s quite effective compared to diet pills or some other diet supplements.

Anyway, she asked me about Herbal Phentermine and at first I was kinda shocked and said, “Herbal? Did I heard it right?”. After that I check it on the net. According to one site, is very expensive when sold on the market. It costs around $60 per bottle. Herbal Phentermine is an oral weight loss supplement that claims to mimic the FDA-approved drug Phentermine. It does not actually contain any natural Phentermine — instead, it combines amino acids and herbs to mimic the appetite-suppressing powers of prescription-only Phentermine. Among its many claims, Herbal Phentermine says that it has all of the positives of natural Phentermine without the unwanted side effects.


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