Healing Dry Hands w/ the Help of Hand Creams & More

Healing Dry Hands w/ the Help of Hand Creams & More

Dry skin seems like a minor issue, but it’s not. Parched hands can be embarrassing, unpleasant and even painful — and the condition can worsen if left untreated. In extreme cases, skin can become so dry that it will result to deep cracks, bleeding and become infected. Obtaining dry cuticles can lead to damaged, brittle nails. But changing your habits and sticking with your new regimen can easily grant relief. Below are methods to care for your extremely dry hands to soften the skin and reduce the chance of further complications.

  • Drinking lots of water is important. Water helps hydrate from within. Try to drink at least eight (8) to ten (10) glasses of water every day.
  • Wash both hands with rich (or superfatted) soap along with warm water. You must refrain from using soaps that contain harsh chemicals and perfumes. Implement these rules to showers and baths as well. Hot water and regular soaps can actually remove the skin’s natural oils. Wash your hands less frequent, if you can manage it.
  • It is advisable to use hand cream after every hand washing (the richer, the better). It may appear like an additional step, but your skin is a bit more receptive to moisturizer when it is wet. Putting on hand creams right after washing will aid break off habitual dryness.
  • As much as possible, you must have protective accessories, like gloves when doing dishes, cleaning, or otherwise working with detergents or chemicals. Rubberized gloves padded with cotton make the perfect choice.


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