Heads Up With Hair Loss

Heads Up With Hair Loss

They say the hair is every woman’s crowning glory. And indeed, every woman takes pride in her hair and does everything to make it look best always. We go to salons to have our hair treated and pampered, make use of the best shampoo and other hair care products, and have a fab hairdo every so often to cap the over-all look.

But what do we do when suddenly, we see strands of our hair slowly falling off our head?

Hair loss is a terrible thing, and every woman surely dreads for this to happen to them. It is then important to know what causes this condition to know how to avoid finding oneself collecting hair lumps on the floor.

One culprit to hair loss if genetics. Known medically as androgenetic alopecia, this genetic condition could be sourced from the father or the mother. One symptom of this condition is when the hair becomes thinner and thinner as time goes by and when hair loss starts the fringes or bangs. It is best to seek the help of dermatologists when one has this condition.

But women should not fret over losing their hair so much. Remember that beauty is skin deep. The beauty of a woman is not measured by how long or straight or smooth her hair is, but how good and kind her heart is. Never mind losing your hair. After all, what are human hair wigs for?


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