Hairstyles That Take 30 Seconds Or Less

Some of our favorite looks right now take literally seconds to do at home. Check it out!

Hairstyles That Take 30 Seconds Or Less

  • Center Part
  • You may not even think of it as a hairstyle per se, but parted down the middle is so cool for spring—and couldn’t be easier.

    Time commitment: 5 seconds

  • Ponytail
  • This style isn’t just for working out anymore. You can wear a pony with pretty much everything. Just make sure it’s either super-sleek or has lots of volume at the crown.

    Time commitment: 8 seconds

  • The Loop
  • This style has graduated from Sunday afternoons (when you’re lounging around in sweats) to just about whenever. We spotted it on spring runways and have been wearing it ever since. To get the look, start to tie your hair into a ponytail, but don’t pull the strands all the way through.

    Time commitment: 12 seconds

  • Side Swept
  • This is so simple because you can let your hair do its natural thing. Then, create a deep part off to one side, pull your hair across your forehead and secure it in place behind your ear with a clip or bobby pin.

    Time commitment: 22 seconds

  • Scarf-Band
  • Using a scarf as a headband is a trick that’s been around forever. We’re really loving the look in bright, fun colors.

    Time commitment: 28 seconds (including the time it takes to roll the scarf)


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