Good Face, Gone Bad

Looking young and fresh is almost like a necessity nowadays, just like water or air. But adopting extreme surgery to achieve this can lead to grotesque results sometimes. Celebrities fall to this trap most often as their profession and lifestyle demands it, and surgery, often, is the fastest and easiest way to reach there. But a proper diet and exercise would give far better and long-lasting results than any surgery. Below are some examples of such surgeries, gone horribly bad!

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Also known as the “Bride of Wildenstien” referring to The Bride of Frankenstien, Jocelyn Wildenstein has allegedly spent almost $4,000,000 USD on cosmetic surgery over the years, ending up as one of the worst and most famous cases of plastic surgery addiction.

Hang Mioku

One of the most famous cases of plastic surgery gone horribly wrong is, Hang Mioku, a 48 year-old woman from South Korea. She had her first plastic surgery procedure when she was 28, followed by many others that caused disfigurement on her face. The surgeon she visited refused to carry out any more work on her and suggested that her obsession could be a sign of a psychological disorder. So Hang resorted to injecting cooking oil into her face. After many donations, a Korean hospital operated on her and removed 60g of foreign substance from Hang’s face and 200g from her neck.


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