Gold And Diamond Jewelry

Gold And Diamond Jewelry

Selling personal jewelry is a quick and easy way for people to make money. The prices of Gold have been reaching record breaking highs during the U.S. economic recession. Gold jewelry is high in demand at any local jewelry or coin shop in the United States. The only factors that determine the price of a gold piece of jewelry are purity and weight. An experienced jewelry dealer conducts onsite chemical and physical tests to authenticate the gold jewelry that a custom brings in for sale. Gold coins can actually have much greater value than their market value that’s based on purity and weight only. For example, historic gold coins can be worth three or four times more than a gold piece of jewelry of similar weight and karat rating.

Diamond jewelry can also be easily sold at any jewelry dealer. When a person brings in diamonds, a jeweler brings our a microscope or magnifier to closely examine the piece. GIA certified dealers have the experience and knowledge to properly assess the value of diamond jewelry. In fact, diamonds are rated based on factors such as carat, cut, clarity and color. It is much more difficult to assess the value of diamonds because there is no daily standard market value such as with gold or other precious metals. Diamond jewelry usually includes other gemstone settings and precious metal components such as gold or sterling silver. At the end of the day, a diamond piece of jewelry is more expensive than gold.


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