From Your Boyfriend’s Closet: Funky And Fun Male-Inspired Fashions

From Your Boyfriend's Closet: Funky And Fun Male-Inspired Fashions

In the 1920s Coco Chanel adopted masculine styles followed by Marlene Dietrich in the 1930s, and during the 1940s Katherine Hepburn used this look. All these women were masters of wearing masculine styles with panache and grace. In fact, these women are the reason the tailored trouser suit for ladies is still such a classic. Female adoption of masculine styles is a recurring theme in fashion. In fact, during the past few years more and more women are again adopting an increasingly male dress code. Indeed, this shift towards more mannish clothes has really gained steam in the past five years when the roomier, slouchy boyfriend jean first took off as a sort of micro-fad.

The Boyfriend Tag

Fast forward to today, and we all know that the boyfriend jean is now an established cut in the world of denim right alongside the skinny jean and the boot leg jean. The tag “boyfriend” has also spread into other areas of fashion. Take, for instance, that you can now purchase boyfriend shorts, boyfriend shirts, and even boyfriend watches. What started as a micro-fad is now a full-blown and wildly popular subsection of the fashion industry. It has become so immensely popular that some brands have begun dropping the “boyfriend” prefix entirely because it’s unnecessary to delineate the style with that moniker anymore.

If you are not familiar with what constitutes the “boyfriend” style, it is simply clothes and accessories with a masculine root that have been made a touch more feminine and are tailored for women. The style tends to be a tad more slouchy and baggy than other women’s styles with feminine pops of pizazz such as pastel colours. The best part about this trend is how comfortable and classy it can be at the same time. If you are interested in dressing in the boyfriend style, here are some tips to pull of the look with beautiful, feminine flair.

How To Keep It Feminine

Start with well-tailored slacks, jackets, and fluid trouser suits. They should all be a little oversized but still well-cut and not baggy. There’s no need to look like you actually raided your boyfriend’s closet. Pick these in feminine fabrics and colours that suit you to really maximise the beauty of this style. You can also pair a trouser suit that is in more traditional colours and fabrics with a feminine blouse, statement scarf, or jewelry to add a womanly edge.

The boyfriend jean is a staple for pulling off this style, and you will want to invest in at least a couple good, well cut pairs. Your boyfriend jeans should be baggy on you and hang from your hips. Remember to roll up the hem of these jeans and pair them with a beautiful, feminine jacket to amp up the pretty and keep this look from seeming frumpy.

Keep Warm

For your coat, pick an edgy bomber jacket with a relaxed cut. For maximum feminine appeal, you will want one that is fitted well around the shoulders and does not make you look like a balloon about the waist. This look is wonderfully versatile. Pair this with a calf-length skirt or a flirty dress to give a little edge to an otherwise classic feminine style. You can also pair this jacket with jeans and one of this season’s checked shirts for a sporty edge. Most importantly, leave your bomber jacket unzipped or unbuttoned so you do not look like a marshmallow.

Leave The Heels At The Door

The shoes for the boyfriend look are the best part to many of the women who love this style. Leave your heels in your closet and slip on a pair of brogues, loafers or slippers with a feminine flair. Look for shoes that embody classic male style but have a twist. Metallics, quirky patterns, cut-out detailing, and non-traditional colours are all great ways to femme up these styles.

You may have noticed a theme in the previous paragraphs. That theme is roomy but fitted. This is the crux of the boyfriend style and the cardinal rule for wearing it well. Remember, always pick clothes that are comfortable but nicely fitted with feminine touches. This is the key to knowing and understanding how to harness the boyfriend style. You do not want to actually raid your boyfriend’s closet. While his clothes will certainly be baggy, they will not be nearly as visually appealing or beautiful on you as true boyfriend style attire.

About the author: Megan Barnes is passionate about trendy fashion. She enjoys turning trends into flattering style for every woman.


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