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Are you an entrepreneur who is in search of business and franchise opportunities? Or a franchiser perhaps? Well, look no further since I know one perfect place for you to head on. Franchise Gator is a highly trusted leader in the franchise industry. For over eight (8) years, they have helped their visitors gather quality franchise information. Their only business is helping you find your business. They simply offer the largest directory of franchise and business opportunities on the internet. They work with the big guys you’ve heard of and the new guys that everyone will be talking about soon, making Franchise Gator your one-stop-shop for business ownership information and research.

To know more information on Franchise Gator’s services, just visit their site at Looking for the best franchise opportunities is so much fun and easy with Franchise Gator!


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  1. Steven

    August 27, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    Hello, Maldita-

    Thanks for the link – I’ll take a look! Hopefully all of the franchises on their site aren’t just advertisers – I’ve noticed that is the case w/ many scammy “business opportunity” sites.

    A couple of sites that are really helpful for franchise research are the FTC’s franchise page ( and for franchise disclosure documents and articles I’ve read FranchiseHelp (, although I haven’t checked out either in a while.

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