Forever21: Make A Statement

These trendy tees will make sure the whole world knows what you think and feel! So, if you need to speak out, don’t just say it, wear it!

Forever21: Make A Statement

Wear Your Personality On Your Sleeve

From school pride shout-outs to lovestruck quotes, vintage-inspired shirts are all the rage. Be loud and proud by flaunting your personal style for all to notice.

There Must Be Color Symmetry

If you’re sporting a light-colored top, try completing the look with dark jeans, and vice-versa! lay with colors but always keep in mind that fashion is all about balance.

Layering Is The In Thing

Everyone’s sporting the trend, because it’s not just super chic, it’s super practical, too! Who knew you could beat the weather in style?

It’s Not Always Laid-Back

Pair a casual tee, a not-so-casual bottom and a neat pair of shoes and you’re good to go!

It Pays To Accessorize

Accessories make a lot of difference. Layer up those chunky bracelets, funky rings or even sparkly necklaces and you’re glammed up for that impromptu gimmick with friends!


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