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What do you think are the best diet pills for women? Here in our country there is only three well known diet pills which I believe has become popular because of its effects and all.

  • Slenda is not only a diet pill, but also comes with an exercise routine. The dancing diva Valerie Concepcion promotes Slenda, and is very motivating. Slenda is made up of three capsules to be taken at different times of the day called Supergreens, Fat Burner and Carbo Block. Resveratrol, the main ingredient in Slenda, helps fat turn into energy, purportedly hastening the loss of weight.
  • Fitrum is one of the top bestselling diet pills. In the Philippines, there is a before and after advertisement that shows a chubby actress who undergoes sensational weight loss and admits that she had been taking Fitrum. Fitrum works, according to many users, because it boosts metabolism and makes you feel the need to be more active; it also makes you sweat more.
  • Xenical is another very popular brand in the Phillipines, perhaps because of a Filipina actress who used it and was able to keep the weight off. Most Filipino dishes are quite oily. Xenical works directly on your digestive system and blocks enzymes called lipases from breaking down fats. The undigested fats that are not absorbed into the body are eliminated from the body. Unlike some over-the-counter diet pills, Xenical is a prescription medication you taken when eating any food that has fat.

How about in your place? What’s the best and popular diet pills for women and also men in your country? Is it effective? Is it affordable? Is it worth buying?


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