For The Love Of Eternity (Rings)

For The Love Of Eternity (Rings)

Rings and jewels can make any woman blush and smile and drop her jaws, especially so if they are some pretty eternity rings. It’s more instinct than materialism, really. But bluffing aside, eternity rings are just some of the modern world’s most beautiful creations that could bring a smile to any woman’s face.

If you’re a man looking to buy your lady a lovely eternity ring, or just plainly wanting to get yourself one (all for the love of it), here are some very common choices in eternity rings for women.

  • Precious metal and precious stones
  • If your budget is unlimited, then by all means, darling, please go for rose gold with little diamonds beset around it. White gold isn’t too shabby either!

  • Precious metal with semi-precious stones
  • For the budget conscious, a little half-and-half eternity ring will do. Get in your metal of choice and some semi-precious stones to go with it. They don’t have to look like diamonds. There’s always a good excuse to break traditions – like a colorful set of semi-precious gems.

  • Fancy eternity rings
  • This is a really bad idea for a husband to give his wife. So leave this to the lady who wants to wear one but just is not quite ready to pay for a real one.

So, have you decided on which type of eternity rings you’re getting?


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  1. athena

    April 6, 2013 at 3:36 am

    omg i love the rings.. and your blog design too!

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