Finding Good Airline Pilot Shirts

Finding Good Airline Pilot Shirts

If you are a pilot, the airline that you work for may force you to buy your own shirts. Some airlines will buy several shirts when a pilot is first hired, but then the pilot is expected to replace any shirts after that. In either case, a pilot will need to buy some uniform shirts at some point during his or her career. However, finding a good place to do this can be much easier said than dome. Pilot shirts are something that not many places sell, so it can be difficult to find a pilot shirt that is made of a very high quality and looks professional. Here is how to find out where to buy pilot shirts.

1. Talk to other pilots

The most obvious source to begin gathering information about where to buy pilot uniform shirts is the people that wear them every day they are working. Older pilots, especially those people who have been working for a long time, will definitely have a place they go to buy their shirts. Most pilots will be happy to share this information, so do not be afraid to ask. If they tell you where they buy their shirts, you should also find out how much they pay for them.

2. Ask people who work for airlines

Along with talking to the pilots, people who work for various airlines will also have valuable information on the subject of where to buy shirts for pilots. You should call as many airlines as you can. Some of these airlines may not be able to help, because they do not have a policy of buying uniforms for their pilots. However, if you are persistent, and if you talk to the right people, you should be able to gather some information that will be useful in your search.

3. Internet chat rooms

The Internet is an incredible resource for gathering information on many different subjects, so why should this be any different. If you look around, you should be able to find some chat rooms or message boards that are discussing the topic of pilot uniforms. If you stumble upon one of these conversations, join in and ask the people where you can order a uniform.


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