Fetish Strolling

Fetish Strolling

Some people consider catsuits to be a fetish item. Catsuits for fetish use are often made of latex or PVC where such a catsuit is typically highly shiny, tight fitting and may be (but is not exclusively) worn with a corset over the top of the suit. Other materials such as lycra, shiny wet look, or velvet are options for fetish wear too, with some lycra materials having animal print designs. Catsuits can have zips on the front or rear for access, with some having zips on the shoulders. Additional zips can be placed in specific areas for access, if required. Typically a fetish catsuit will not have gloves or feet. Feet, if present, are typically form fitting like socks and the gloves will have individual fingers. Typically gloves and socks can be worn as additional accessories to a catsuit to give a whole body look, with some opting to add a hood as an option too. Hoods can also be incorporated in to the catsuit. Rarely will a catsuit incorporate boot or shoe, although it is possible. An option instead of gloves might be bondage mittens, which might have a D-ring at the top, and such catsuits can be used as straitjackets in the context of bondage. More extreme options for catsuits have incorporated monoglove instead of sleeves and they can also be used for bondage. Catsuits may also have incorporated corset andor neck corset, although these are typically added as accessories to complete a look.

The catsuit is often worn in movies, television, music videos and computer games.

  • An iconic use of catsuits in popular media was on the British television show The Avengers, where Cathy Gale (Honor Blackman) and Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) wore tight leather catsuits; leather was chosen because it lit well in studio lighting and did not split during action scenes.
  • Shirley Bassey wore a sleeveless chiffon catsuit for a gatefold album photograph, and in concert.
  • Cher has also worn catsuits in concert.
  • In comics and their spin-off movies, catsuits are often worn by superheroes of both sexes. One well-known icon is Catwoman, the villainessanti-heroine of the Batman series, who has worn a number of different styles of catsuit in her numerous film, comic book and cartoon adaptations. A heroine in the Batman series, Batgirl, also wore catsuits.
  • The character of Jade in the Wrong Number novel from R.L. Stine’s Fear Street series has an affinity for wearing catsuits.
  • In popular culture, dominatrixes are often portrayed as wearing catsuits, to the extent that it has become their stereotypical costume.


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