Fashion & Makeup Tips For New Moms

Fashion & Makeup Tips For New Moms

As a new mom, it makes sense that you’d feel overwhelmed. Surviving the first year with a baby is truly an accomplishment. Your days are filled with changing diapers, bottles, milk and sleep deprivation. As a result, your looks may tend to suffer. It’s known that when a woman looks her best, this helps her to feel her best. In order to get through this time, there are a few tricks to consider that will tie your physical appearance together seamlessly.

1. Makeup

If it wasn’t before, makeup will become your best friend during this time. For those dark circles under your eyes, start to dab a little bit of concealer and blend it in. Spray a little rosewater to wake up your face and moisturize it first. Use a coat of volumizing mascara to make your eyelashes pop. A simple dot of silver eyeshadow in the tear ducts will brighten your eyes as well. Once you finish the process, add a little bit of blush to the apples of your cheeks. Regularly keep some lip balm around to keep your lips moisturized. Whether you’re going to a doctor’s appointment with the baby or staying at home, a bold lip color will instantly make you feel a lot more glamorous. This whole process doesn’t need to take more than five minutes.

2. Attire

As a new mom, comfort is incredibly important. Many times, the baby will throw up all over your clothes and you’ll have to change your outfit and the baby’s. Stock up on a few pairs of sofra leggings. Black, navy blue and brown colors are great to have in abundance for leggings. Visit your local thrift store and stock up on a few stylish button-up tops. Not only will button-ups add a sense of business casual, you’ll be able to unbutton your top easily if you’re breastfeeding.

3. Hair, Accessories & Shoes

If you have longer hair, buns will be a helpful style. Slicking your hair back into a chic bun or a ponytail will help you look chic and polished without much effort. If you like to wear a little jewelry, choose a few statement pieces that are classic and fun. A lovely pair of studded earrings goes with any outfit. If it’s the wintertime, a classic pair of black equestrian boots is easy to throw on. Summertime is perfect for an easy pair of flats you can slip on. If you’re more a sneaker gal, a simple pair of Nikes will do the trick.

Instead of wishing the days away, do your best to be present in the moment and enjoy these first few memories with the newest member of your family. The days may seem long, but the years will fly by. Cherish the moments.


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