Fair Winds Sarongs

Fair Winds Sarongs

Did you know that everything you wear out in public sends a message to others about who you are? If you have not given much thought to what message you are sending to others when you step out in your favorite sarong, it is time to identify your sarong style. Is that style a match to your true personality? If not, you may want to switch it up this summer with new sarongs for women from fairwindssarongs.com.

The Big Flirt

If you like to wear your favorite sarong tied around your chest with material flowing freely around your body, then you are the big flirt. This style is graceful and elegant. It sends a subtle yet unmistakable message to others that you are a carefree girl up for whatever fun life brings your way. You may like to send a discreet wink to someone who catches your eye, but you quickly flutter away like a butterfly in your flowing, colorful sarong.

The Sexy Goddess

Is your favorite sarong usually tied around your waist and topped off with a tube top and casual sandals? You are sending the message that you are hot and ready for action in the sun. You treat your sarong more like an accessory because your body is always the star of the show.

The Royal Queen

If you prefer your sarong tied around your body in more of a fitting manner, then you are the queen of your palace. You have a refined, sophisticated style even when wearing something as carefree as a sarong.

Is your sarong style sending the right message about your personality? Visit fairwindssarongs.com to make sure you have a sarong that fits every mood you may swing into this summer.


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