Exploring The Flat Side: Your Flat Shoe Must-Haves

Pumps, power heels, sky high wedges – we’ve read all about them and the importance of having a pair or two. This time, let’s have a different take on things and dare to explore the flat side. We often forget how fashionable flat shoes can be – given the right pair of outfit to go with.

And so, to give these go-to ultra-comfy foot buddies the justice they so deserve, here are three types of flat shoes that are so fashionable there should be a pair of each in your wardrobe.

1. Strappy Flats

Exploring The Flat Side: Your Flat Shoe Must-Haves
Bamboo Lynna 01 Rhinestone Studded Strappy Flats

You’ve seen them on the road with your favorite celeb. Gold and earth tones are the best (and safest) colors for these cuties but you can always go and explore a bit on the colored side. The secret for these open sandals? Great Pedi.

2. Espadrilles

Exploring The Flat Side: Your Flat Shoe Must-Haves
Kate Spade Vivi Flat Espadrille Black Multi Fabric

They’re the perfect summer footwear staples. Light, breathable, and very fashionable – they can go well with your sunny mini-dresses, denim shorts, or even your acid-wash skinnies!

3. Oxfords

Exploring The Flat Side: Your Flat Shoe Must-Haves
Pinup Couture Who Could Be Saddle Shoes

They are not that hard to pull off, contrary to popular belief. Sure oxfords are a bit challenging but hey, where’s the fun in easy? They look great with some fedora and a top of white tank and a blazer. This classic will never go wrong for those nights out. They do well with capri-type skinnies too.


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  1. Emma-ssi

    April 23, 2013 at 12:46 am

    Hurray for flat shoes lovers! Out of the three shoes, I think I’m mesmerized by the strappy sandals. T.T I’m not that into girly stuff but hey, I like the shine in those sandals! They…draw attention. Haha!

    XD I wish you had provided their price though. ^^ But anyway, great post!

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