Entertainment Industry

Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is one of the most competitive commercial arenas anywhere in the world. The truth is that today’s actors, singers, dancers and directors must be as adept at learning to market their services as they are at actually performing. Though this may seem like a hard truth for many who strive to achieve a lot in their artistry, the fact is that having a lot of marketing savvy is crucial to success these days.

The Arrival of the Internet

The world of marketing has changed dramatically since the arrival of the Internet. Today, actors and casting directors use professional casting websites to connect with each other and to place actors in the right jobs. Actors are expected to have professional photos of themselves along with polished acting reels that are up-to-date and that show off their acting resumes and special qualities.

Sites For Actors

There are many sites available now that can be used for actors to promote themselves. Today, most agents expect their actor clients to post photos of themselves on a number of sites so that casting directors can find them easily and get a sense of their talents. Any actor who thinks they can get cast readily without using these sites is not being realistic. This is how the industry works these days, and it’s a reality that must be faced.

Once of the most important sites for actors is imdb.com. This is the Internet Movie Database, and it’s widely used to show off an actor’s credits. Actors like dancer / director Craig Revel Horvath is one example of an actor who uses the site to display his credits, which can be seen by going to Craig on IMDB.

A quick look on this site shows off this performer’s credits, as well as photos and film reels. Other popular sites for actors include LA Casting and Casting Frontiers.

Of course, the talent of a performer is the foremost quality they will be judged on. Along with their talent, however, they must promote themselves so their talent connects with an audience in a big way.


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