Dressing Up Your Tweens a la Hollywood

Dressing Up Your Tweens a la Hollywood

Life can be so difficult for tweens sometimes. They are no longer little kids – at ages 9 to 12 at that! – but they are not quite the teenagers just yet! At this stage, ‘act your age’ might just be a little bit harder.

What’s even more challenging is dressing them up. Today’s clothes for youngsters are either too childish or too adult-esque for them teeny-boppers. And what’s worse, Hollywood isn’t necessarily helping. What, with Justin Bieber wearing his pants on his knees – literally – and just about every Hollywood female celebrity jumping on the bandwagon of dressing in a way that could only make parents cringe, shopping for this age bracket will be extra difficult.

Thankfully, there are a few good celebs whose style philosophies are certified tween friendly – for both the parents and tweens!

Here’s our list:

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. She has rightfully taken over the title as America’s sweetheart, and while you may not agree with all her relationship stories, a parent won’t have no trouble having their little tweeners copy her look. Her top tween-friendly style: florals, dainty little dresses, and casual but feminine tops to go with her jeans and boots, finished off with her very girly hairstyles.

  3. Elle Fanning
  4. Dakota Fanning’s equally beautiful lil’ sis will get thumbs up from parents everywhere. The fourteen-year old sports a very clean look on and off the red carpet. Her fashion staples: feminine tops, jeans, and sheer lacy dresses in beige and peach hues. And her top style trademark: wearing her long, blonde tresses down and her sweetest smile.

  5. One Direction Boys
  6. Even tween boys need some parent-approved grooming too! And the clean, preppy look of One Direction will always be parent-friendly. They have started the varsity jacket revolution and brought back the colored jeans into the limelight. Oh and their loafers are a fresh and much needed breather from the kicks generation.

So there! Hope in humanity and Hollywood fashion has just been restored! Take a cue from these celebs the next time you go tween outfit shopping. Have fun!


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