DIY: Sequin Belt

Out of boredom, I discovered a new fashion site today — and it’s called P.S. – I Made This… It’s actually a site full of interesting DIY tutorials on fashion. Projects found on the site range from lucite necklaces and faux-fur vests, to embellished heels and chic handbags. I bet you will love every DIY project they feature!

Anyway, here’s my first pick — a DIY Sequin Belt.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Sequin Belt

Easy steps:

To create, measure and cut a piece of double satin ribbon (length will depend on waist size). Be sure to leave approx. 6 inches on both ends so you have room to tie around your waist. Arrange sequin patches onto the ribbon (it’s okay if they overlap). Once you are happy with the placement, use fabric glue to apply to the back of the patch and adhere onto felt. Hold in place for a few seconds to set. Trim around the felt for a clean and finished edge. Be sure to allow the embellishment to completely dry before attaching onto the ribbon, use a generous amount of the fabric glue. A glue gun also works well. Let belt dry completely before sporting.

Sequin Belt
Glue it

Sequin Belt
Trim it

Sequin Belt
Attach it

Finished Product:

Sequin Belt


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