DIY Glitter Polish Tutorial

Read on to learn how to make your own glitter nail polish!

DIY Glitter Polish Tutorial

  1. Roll a post it into a cone shape and tape the side to create your funnel.
  2. You’ll need three (3) kinds of sparkle. We used thick chunky craft glitter from the craft store, a fine craft glitter by Martha Stewart, and a gold pigment powder. You can either use a gold pigmented loose-powder eye shadow or you can get gold pigment powder from the art store.
  3. Get a bottle of clear top coat. Don’t use a quick drying top coat. It will get too sticky too fast. I used a basic clear top coat and dumped out a little bit to make room for the glitter.
  4. Our formula: ¼ teaspoon of the chunky glitter, ⅛ teaspoon of the fine glitter and “a pinch” of the gold pigment powder. Your formula depends on the size of your clear coat bottle, but go easy because you can always add more sparkles.
  5. Once you get it all in there, shake it up. Then you can decide if you want to add more of one glitter or another.

This makes a great gift when you’re a little tight on money — just personalize it by re-labeling the bottle with love.

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