Dhadha’s Double Celebration Contest

Hear ye! Hear ye! I am having my first ever contest here in celebration of Maldita.us’ first year anniversary and my 23rd birthday this coming October. Ok, here we go!

Contest Banner


1.) Blog about the contest along with the prizes and sponsors links. Post title must be “Dhadha’s Double Celebration Contest”. You must include all the links of the sponsors in your post. {5 entries/blog post}

2.) Fave my 6 blogs at Technorati (technorati.com/people/technorati/dhadha) {1 entry/blog}

3.) Subscribe to my feeds via email {3 entries}

4.) Link my sites in your blogroll. Maldita.us, Supladita.net, KissMeMwah.net, KerstinsCloset.com, and I-Heart-Contest.com. {1 entry/blog}

5.) Make me a cute fansign: one for my 23rd birthday and one for Maldita.us’ 1st anniversary. {2 entries/fansign}

6.) Sign-up under my referral. This can only take 30 sec. Email me (with “Referral Link” as the subject) for the link {3 entries}

7.) Put the contest banner anywhere in your sidebar. Link it back to www.maldita.us. {3 entries}

8.) You will earn 10 additional entries if you complete steps 1 to 7.

NOTE: After completing all your entries, kindly leave the following: Permalink of your post, email address that you used to subscribe to my feeds, Technorati username, link of your Blogroll (the page where you linked my sites) and image links.

Now let’s go to the prizes!


  • $10.00 from Pink Glamour
  • $5.00 from Kiss Me Mwah!
  • 1 year domain name of your choice from Oh Angel
  • 1 year 8GB hosting package from Pink Host
  • 1,500 Entrecard Credits from Mommy Earns Money Online
  • 1,000 Entrecard Credits from Princess Love
  • 1,000 Entrecard Credits from Busby SEO Test
  • 125×125 banner ad for 3 months at Sweet Bun
  • 125×125 ad spot for 1 month at PaKodak
  • 125×125 banner ad for 1 month at Busby SEO Test
  • 125×125 banner ad for 1 month at Kah Peng
  • Site review by Busby SEO Test
  • Certificate


  • $10.00 from Scarty
  • 50php worth of Globe / Smart eload credits from Kerstin’s Closet
  • 9 months 6GB hosting package from Pink Host
  • 1,000 Entrecard Credits from Pinay Mommy Online
  • 500 Entrecard Credits from Apple Candie
  • 500 Entrecard Credits from Etc Atbp
  • 500 Entrecard Credits from Contest For Bloggers
  • 125×125 banner ad for 2 months at Sweet Bun
  • 125×125 banner ad for 1 month at Lost In Love
  • 125×125 banner ad for 1 month at Contest For Bloggers
  • 125×125 banner ad for 2 weeks at I Heart Contest
  • Certificate


  • 6 months 4GB hosting package from Pink Host
  • 50php worth of Globe / Smart eload credits from Kerstin’s Closet
  • 500 Entrecard Credits from Blessings and Beyond
  • 500 Entrecard Credits from When Silence Speaks
  • 125×125 banner ad for 1 month at Sweet Bun
  • 125×125 banner ad for 1 month at When Sahm One Speaks
  • 125×125 banner ad for 1 month at Mommy Earns Money Online
  • Certificate


The contest officially starts today September 30, 2008 and ends until November 30, 2008 (9:00 pm GMT+08.00). The winners will be selected randomly through Random.org and will be announced on December 05, 2008.


  • I reserve the right to change or modify the promotional rules and prizes as I see fit.
  • Blogs where contest will be blogged about should be at least 1 month old.
  • Only 1 Email per contestant to be used for subscribing to feed.
  • Qualified blogs must be at least 1 month old.
  • Prizes such as domain names, webhosting, Globe/Smart eloads, EC credits, site review, and banner ads are NOT convertible to cash.
  • If the prize(s) aren’t claimed within 1 week of announcement, I will draw the entries again and give the prize(s) to another participant(s).
  • For any questions or whatsoever, you may send me a message on my contact form.

To those who wants to sponsor my contest, feel free contact me via my contact form. Thankies! Good luck everyone!

  1. honie September 30, 20085:54 am

    wow. that was real cool..:D i wish i can join ahhi.. best of luck to the winners..

  2. Nina September 30, 200810:54 am

    Naks eto na pinakahihintay ko ahehehehe… Good luck sa mga sasali 😀

    ay mare.. msg kita tungkol sa prizes.. mag add ako 😉

  3. bhebie September 30, 200811:03 am

    The contest is pretty good 😀 But I don’t think I’d join, since I think other people deserve it way better than me ^^;; I really don’t need another hosting and domain yet hehehe–that is not to say that I’m confident that I will surely win. Okay…I’ll shut up now ^^;;

  4. Nina September 30, 200811:24 am

    Bongga nga yun mga prizes eh, pero para san un survey mare? hindi naman sya mahirap pero maybe you can remove the survey na lang pero option lang siya right?

  5. Aisha September 30, 200811:39 am

    waw astig ah for sure dmi sasali 😀

  6. April September 30, 20086:35 pm

    That is guhreaaaat! Haha. Andaming sponsors Ate! Goodluck sa mga contestants mo.

  7. rosa September 30, 20089:05 pm

    Happy 3 months kay baby. Wow, start na pla contest. Hehe!

  8. Kisty September 30, 200811:41 pm

    Okay ah! 😀 Haha! 🙂 Will PM you something.

  9. Chie October 1, 20083:55 am

    Okay proffesional time. 😎

    Blogged and listed all the sponsors // permalink
    Faved all the blogs.
    Linked all the blogs.
    Made you fansigns // click // click
    Answered the survey.
    Put the banner up.

    nyaha. o diba? XD experienced. Kaw po ba magtatally ng scores?

  10. Dhadha October 1, 20084:46 am

    @ CHIE: hooray! your total points is 33. Perfect! LOL. 👿

  11. charchar October 1, 20087:20 am

    i’m thinkin’ of joinin’ sis. hmmm… for now i’ll think about it. hehehe! sis take care!

  12. Jhoice October 1, 20087:24 am

    His sis 3months n pla sis Baby Kimy, wow ang bilis noh, pRNg klan lANg, anyway Goodluck with uR first contest, nice ng mga prizes, I lab eM:) I think Im joining toO, hEhe gotta think fiRst!

    I have been planning for a contest too,
    buT it`s always stay just a plan, LOL!

  13. Bernadeth October 1, 20087:56 am

    post: http://lofty-dreams.net/archives/635#respond
    email add: adeth8@gmail.com
    technorati username: adeth8
    blogroll: http://lofty-dreams.net/linked

    i have placed the banner, subscribed, faved and i’ll send the 2 fansigns later, it’s in my other computer.

  14. dianne October 1, 20088:41 am

    I’ll join! hehe

    – The permalink of your post: http://prinsesa-ako.com/?p=190
    – The email address that you used to subscribe to my feeds: diannekarolpalma@yahoo.com
    – Your Technorati username: venusdoll
    – The link of your Blogroll (the page where you linked my sites): prinsesa-ako.com

  15. Dhadha October 1, 20088:51 am

    @ BERNADETH: hooray! your total points is 33. Perfect! LOL. 👿

  16. Dhadha October 1, 20089:14 am

    @ DIANNE: hooray! your total points is 33. Perfect! LOL. 👿

  17. Ariane October 1, 20089:42 am

    Waaah! Contest! Parang gusto ko sumaliii. Heehee! Ang ganda ng mga prize ehh. Yay! 😳

  18. Bernadeth October 1, 200810:18 am
  19. indocontest October 1, 200812:26 pm

    Thanks for the message.
    Blogged at:
    Good luck everyone

  20. Chie October 1, 20081:17 pm

    Okay, so sinagutan ko po ulit ung survey. And updated my post. btw, link page is here.

    Thanks sa pagsabi. 🙂

  21. Sherry October 1, 20081:41 pm

    nice contest is it open for international?

  22. Lissie October 1, 20082:52 pm

    Wee. Gusto ko sana sumali. HAHA. Kaso walang time. TOINKS.
    Goodluck na lang sa mga sasali! (:

  23. yagi October 1, 20083:39 pm

    i want to join too!
    kaso and dami kong projects sa school..
    tsk tsk..
    maybe next time.. 🙂

    yeah.. good luck sa lahat… 🙂

  24. wiehanne October 1, 20084:09 pm

    Here’s my entries:
    1. Blog it here:
    2. Fave 5 of your blogs in technorati (id: wiehanne)
    3. Subscribe via email (wiehanne[at]gmaildotcom)
    4. Add 5 of your blogs to my blogroll
    5. Put banner in my sidebar

  25. Dee October 1, 20084:20 pm

    Wow naman! You’re giving away a lot of prizes, grabe your so mabaet ya know!? haha! Goodluck sa mga sasali.

  26. wiehanne October 1, 20085:49 pm

    I’ve just answered the Answer the 30-second survey

  27. Dhadha October 1, 20086:44 pm

    @ WIEHANNE: hooray! your total points is 25 👿

  28. Sherry October 2, 200812:21 am

    I love your contest but will need time to complete it. Still haven’t do all requrement yet. 😛

  29. Sherry October 2, 20081:41 am

    The permalink of your post http://iluvcontest.blogspot.com/2008/10/dhadhas-double-celebration-contest.html
    – The email address that you used to subscribe to my feeds
    sherrygo at hotmail dot com
    – Your Technorati Sherrygo
    – The link of your Blogroll (http://iluvcontest.blogspot.com)
    – Image links

  30. Sherry October 2, 20081:48 am

    hi I just answered the survey but I use different email that is the sherrygo at ymail dot com for the survey 😛

  31. ann October 2, 20082:15 am

    -blogged and listed all the sponsore.. launch
    -subscribed already…(xoxoann@gmail.com)
    -fave all ur blogs…(dwickedme)
    -link all ur sites.. launch
    -here are the image link.. pic1 | pic2

  32. ann October 2, 20082:21 am

    -done posting the banner.. here

    so almost completed the requirements just one more. its answering the survey. btw what survey?? where can i find that survey??

  33. nedekcir October 2, 20085:00 am

    1.)My blog post can found @ http://www.girlsaremadeofsugarandspiceandeverythingnice.com/2008/10/dhadhas-double-celebration-contest.html
    2.) Email used to subscribe is admin[at]girlsaremadeofsugarandspiceandeverythingnice[dot]com
    3.) Technorati user name is nedekcir
    4.) Blogroll link is http://www.girlsaremadeofsugarandspiceandeverythingnice.com/2008/09/blogroll.html
    5.) Image links for 1 year anniversary and 23rd birthday.

    I did all the requirements and only waiting the link for the survey.


  34. scart October 2, 20087:20 am

    wow! mukang masya itong pa contest mo dha hihihihi. pwede bang $10 nalang din ang i-sponsor ko para mas madali sakin saka para mas madagdagan yung cash prize mo 🙂

  35. Karen October 2, 200811:33 am

    woo mare lapit na birthday ah =] nako~ haha.. tumatanda na tayo, waaa.. haha

    goodluck dyan sa contest sa mga sasali. <3

  36. nicey October 2, 200812:13 pm

    woah… that’s huge!! 😛 ang saya ng prizes… wee goodluck sa sasali… 😛

  37. nedekcir October 2, 20087:14 pm

    Ok here is the link for the anniversary fansign…sorry about the first one that was an oops.
    I also completed the survey. Thanks

  38. Mitch October 4, 20088:51 pm
  39. nurul October 4, 20089:00 pm

    helo! i’d like to join, but regarding to the post entry, do I have to write whole post about this or it can be included in other topic’s post.


  40. nurul October 5, 20081:51 pm
  41. anne October 5, 200811:12 pm

    hi can I join this contest?

  42. anne October 6, 20083:18 am

    Hi posted an entry for this contest. the blogroll is under url http://www.annebianca.blogspot.com the links still with the same url under cherubs domains thanks!

  43. nurul October 9, 200811:55 am
  44. Dhadha October 9, 20083:27 pm
  45. dotsky October 10, 200812:41 am

    Thanks for inviting me to join. Happy anniversary to your blog and advanced happy birthday!

    I’ve done the following:
    – Blogged about this at http://contestsaroundtheworld.blogspot.com/2008/10/dhadhas-double-celebration-contest.html
    – Faved your 6 blogs at technorati (dotskier)
    – Subscribed via email (dotskier [at] gmail)
    – Linked your 6 sites in my blogroll
    – Put the contest banner in my sidebar

    Thanks 🙂

  46. Dhyarga October 10, 20082:41 am

    Thanks for invite me,
    #subscribed via email
    #fave technorati (id= musyodik)
    #put your banner at http://www.dhyarga.com,http://dhyargacontest.blogspot.com
    #blogroll your links at http://dhyargacontest.blogspot.com
    # posted at http://dhyargacontest.blogspot.com/2008/10/dhadhas-double-celebration-contest.html

    Good luck everyone

  47. Zoya October 12, 20083:45 am
  48. Zoya October 14, 200812:37 am

    Done! as you wish.. 🙂

  49. Blogging Contests October 17, 20083:21 am

    Hey, first of all, happy birthday AND your blogversary!

    Secondly, thanks for giving us the opportunity to enter this contest.

    Well, I blogged about it at http://www.bloggingcontests.com/2008/dhadhas-double-celebration-contest/

    Thanks again!


  50. John Doro October 17, 20085:06 am

    Hi, Dhadha
    Subscribed by this email and blog about your contest here: http://www.johndoro.com/dhadha%e2%80%99s-double-celebration-contest.htm

  51. Reyn October 18, 20082:20 pm

    Email used to subscribe to feed: orange[at]reyn[dot]angelic-pink[dot]net
    Technorati username: reyn
    Link page: http://crazylicio.us/index.php/links/
    Contest banner is visible from my sidebar

    23 points total 😀

  52. Dhadha October 19, 200810:28 am

    Tama ka mare.. Meron kang 23 points! Hehe.. Thanks sa pagsali.. God Bless! 😳

  53. Riyanne October 20, 200811:05 pm

    – Blog about the contest along with the prizes and sponsors. Post title must be

  54. Blog Contest Station October 22, 200810:37 am


    There I added your contest listing to my listings. If you would like to exchange buttons let me know. Have a good day 🙂

  55. Icon October 22, 200812:57 pm

    Hi, my entries:
    – Blog about the contest at http://erik-son.net/contest/dhadhas-double-celebration-contest/
    – Fave your 6 blogs at Technorati (id:erxn)
    – Subscribe to feed via this email
    – Link your 6 blogs in my blogroll
    – Put contest banner in my sidebar

  56. Dhadha October 24, 20088:48 pm

    Thanks for joining! All in all you earned 23 points. Good luck! 🙂

  57. Dhadha October 24, 20088:49 pm

    All in all you earned 8 points. Good luck! 🙂

  58. Dhadha October 24, 20088:50 pm

    All in all you earned 10 points. Good luck! 🙂

  59. Dhadha October 24, 20088:51 pm

    All in all you earned 5 points. Good luck! 🙂

  60. Shebadoo October 25, 20082:04 am

    1. posted here and here
    2. technorati: shebadoo
    3. subscribed using contestlove at gmail
    4. added all sites to my blogroll at Contest Love and Aha Mama!
    5. added banner to my sidebar at Contest Love and Aha Mama!

  61. Kimeh October 27, 20081:48 pm

    Goodluck with the contest ate. 😀

  62. Used Corvette October 28, 20082:52 am

    I bookmarked your blog, thanks for sharing this very interesting article

  63. Dhadha October 28, 200812:23 pm

    Thanks for joining Sheryl! You have 23 points all in all.. 😳

  64. aeirin October 29, 20087:39 pm

    1. Blogged it here: http://www.pinayads.com/2008/10/dhadha%e2%80%99s-double-celebration-contest/ 5 entries
    2. Fave all of your 6 blogs at Technorati: aeirin as my ID 6 entries
    3. subscribed using aeirin at gmail dot com 3 entries
    4. Put the contest banner anywhere in my sidebar. 3 entries
    5. Link your sites in my Blogroll. http://www.pinayads.com/blog-roll/ 6 entries

    I will submit the fansigns one of these days and I’m waiting for the survey

  65. aeirin October 29, 20089:58 pm
  66. aeirin October 29, 200810:55 pm

    I have additional entry…

    Blogged it here: http://contestgalore.wordpress.com/2008/10/29/dhadha%e2%80%99s-double-celebration-contest/ 5 entries

    Put the contest banner anywhere in my sidebar. 3 entries

    Link your sites in my Blogroll. http://contestgalore.wordpress.com/blog-roll/

  67. aeirin October 30, 20081:05 pm

    additional entry: I answered the survey

  68. Sherry November 1, 20087:12 pm

    hi, I have make changes of the Prize like you said and fave the blog as sherrygo. also added blog to blogroll you can see the i heart contest on the blogroll 🙂

  69. nurul November 3, 20085:38 pm

    helo. i’ve edited the i-heart-contest.com in my blogroll plus fave it.

  70. BBx November 3, 20085:47 pm

    1.) Blogged: http://bunnymoney9.blogspot.com/2008/11/dhadhas-double-celebration-contest.html: 5 entries

    2.) Faved your 6 blogs at Technorati : ID – bunnybox9 : 6 entries

    3.) Linked sites in Blogroll. http://bunnymoney9.blogspot.com : 6 entries

    4.) Contest banner on sidebar. http://bunnymoney9.blogspot.com : 3 entries


  71. Bernadeth November 3, 20087:23 pm

    ate dhadha, di ba po tapos na ako dun sa how to join?

  72. Dhadha November 3, 20087:31 pm

    kulang ka lang ng isa sa technorati.. and isa din sa link.. yung i-heart-contest.com kong site eh wla sa technorati and links mo.. 🙂

  73. Bernadeth November 3, 20087:33 pm

    yayy! tapos na po 😀

  74. Dhadha November 3, 20087:35 pm

    Thank for joining BBx! Your total points is 20.. Btw, just a small favor, can you please change the links name (from your blogroll) from Dhanda’s Shop to DHADHA’S SHOP? Thanks! 🙂

  75. Dhadha November 3, 20087:38 pm

    Grabe ang bilis! Hahaha! 😆

    Your total points is 30 + 10 additional points.. Good luck! 🙂

  76. Sweetie&Bunny November 4, 200812:17 pm

    hey sis thanks for telling us about your contest! we’re joining!:

    blog post: http://sweet-bun.info/dhadha%E2%80%99s-double-celebration-contest
    technorati user id: ivykiddo
    subscribed to your feeds: sweetie.bunn@gmail.com
    linked all your 6 sites on my links page
    fansigns: http://i33.tinypic.com/2d00swl.png & http://i37.tinypic.com/2hxua0o.png
    sent you an email for the survey link 🙂
    linked your banner in my sidebar

  77. Dhadha November 4, 20083:27 pm

    Hi Sweetie&Bunny! Your total points is 30 + 10 additional points.. Good luck! 💡

  78. Anna November 4, 20086:32 pm

    Wow, what a cool contest!! I’m so tempted to join but I’m rushing right now. Lol. I hope when I have free time, the contest would still be open. 🙂

  79. thrish November 4, 200810:25 pm

    hi there. You’ve got a great contest, and congrats to your site, and belated happy birthday..

    i’ll just help promote your contest since i’m in no need of hosting and domain as of this moment. 😀

    btw, i’ll add you up in my links page. glad to have another friend in the blogosphere.

    link ex? 😀

  80. sena November 5, 20082:39 pm

    1.) Blogged: http://senalovescandy.blogspot.com/2008/11/dhadhas-double-celebration-contest.html
    5 entries/blog post

    2) Subscribed sena.sagani[at]gmail[dot]coml : 3 entries

    3.) Linked your sites: 6 entries

    4.) Put the contest banner on my sidebar. Linked to http://www.maldita.us. : 3 entries

    Total: 17 entries.
    Thank you.

  81. arlene November 5, 20086:19 pm

    thanks for the invitation. will blog about this as soon as i can. 🙂

    belated happy Birthday!

  82. Jizni~ November 5, 20086:57 pm

    wow, mukhang masaya toh ah! gud luck sa lahat ng sumali! 😳

  83. louise November 5, 200810:21 pm

    http://baby-love.pinkfab.info — Dhadha’s double celebration contest
    — Banner at the sidebar

    http://baby-love.pinkfab.info/?page_id=223 — Linked all the blogs

    faved all the blogs – ceszlouise

    2fansigns made by me:


    as of now it’s not complete because of the survey. error parin siya sis.
    goodluck saatin guys! 😳

  84. nedekcir November 6, 20088:19 am

    Here is my revised post:
    1) blog about it here with sponsors links: http://www.girlsaremadeofsugarandspiceandeverythingnice.com/2008/10/dhadhas-double-celebration-contest.html

    2) Fave all your blog at technorati with user name: Nedekcir

    3) Subscribe with email address: admin at the site on #1

    4)Blogroll you here: http://www.girlsaremadeofsugarandspiceandeverythingnice.com/2008/11/blogroll.html/

    5)Did the fan site already

    6)Done the survey already

    7)Banner is since I posted your contest on October 1.

    If I have forgotten something let me know.

  85. Lyann November 6, 20084:31 pm

    wow. cool prices po!

  86. tiff k November 6, 20085:01 pm

    Hi sis! I joined your contest naa!

    blog post : http://jynxedpanda.blogspot.com/2008/11/dhadhas-double-celebration-contest.html

    e-mail used to subscribe : zenith_of_panda90@yahoo.com

    Hehe good luck to us and thanks for the contest sis! =)

  87. alyssa November 6, 20087:55 pm
  88. Dhadha November 6, 20089:43 pm

    Thanks for joining Sena! Total points is 17.. Good luck! 🙂

  89. MikaMikMiks November 6, 200810:31 pm

    I’m gonna try my luck and join. 😀 And I’ll try to complete the SEVEN STEPS.

  90. MikaMikMiks November 6, 200811:01 pm

    1. Posted a blog entry here : http://iamx14.toffeenut.org/2008/11/dhadha%e2%80%99s-double-celebration-contest/
    2. Faved your blogs at : augustevenings.
    3. Subscribed to your feeds @ : deranged.vampire@gmail.com
    4. Linked you here : http://iamx14.toffeenut.org/my-victims/
    5. I have yet to make a fan sign.
    6. Yet to answer the survey. But sent you an e-mail already.
    7. I placed the contest banner in my site. http://iamx14.toffeenut.org/

    I hope I didn’t miss out on something. And I hope that I did everything right. I hope that by tomorrow I’ll be able to make the fan sign already and answer the survey. *grin*

  91. anne November 7, 20081:03 am

    hi gurl! eto ba yung ine mail mo kasi di ko na recieve eh..

  92. Dhadha November 7, 20081:09 am

    Hi anne! Punta ka dito: http://maldita.us/2008/10/31/update-dhadhas-double-celebration-contest

    Andyan ang instructions.. Thanks! 🙂

  93. arlene November 7, 200810:32 am

    hi girl,

    i have blogged about the contest and then faved you too. Added all ur blogs to my bloglist and ur banner is on in my sidebar.

    i hope you have a wonderful week-end!

  94. Dhadha November 8, 20081:05 am

    sis, yung deranged.vampire@gmail.com mo, wala dun sa list ng mga nag subsribe sa blog ko.. double check niyo na lng po.. so far, your total points is 23.. 🙂

  95. Dhadha November 8, 20081:08 am

    hi arlene! whats your technorati username? 😕

  96. MikaMikMiks November 8, 200812:12 pm

    Oooops. I used google reader kase eh. Hmm… How am I gonna subscribe to supladita, kissmemwah, dhadhasho, mommynotes? naka-subscribe na kase ako sa other two websites mo. Through the subscribe field. Eh yung other websites mo, walang subscribe field thing. And stupid me. Hehe. So how? But I subscribed to all of your blogs sa google reader ko na. Hehe. =]

  97. Dhadha November 8, 20082:45 pm

    Hehe! Subscribe ka lng dito sa maldita.us.. Yun lang.. IF mag susubscribe ka sa iba kong blogs, no probs.. 🙂

  98. Jade November 8, 20084:40 pm

    Hi dear,

    First Happy 23rd birthday and congrats on your first year in blogging!

    I’ll join coz I really need some extra cash to support my niece.

    1.) 5 entries/blog post – http://thepinayblogger.com/?p=27

    2.) Faved maldita with samcj – 1 entry

    3.) Subscribe to my feeds via email : 3 entries – samcj7 – sa yahoo

    4.) Link my sites in your Blogroll – added maldita.net and supladita.net

    7.) Put the contest banner anywhere in your sidebar. Link it back to http://www.maldita.us. : 3 entries – DONE THIS TOO!


  99. Dhadha November 8, 200810:27 pm

    Hi jade! Thanks for joining! Your total points is 14.. 🙂

  100. MikaMikMiks November 9, 200810:27 am

    Oh hi again miss dhadha. I also linked you in my other website, does that mean that it’s another entry? *crosses her fingers* and if i also subscribe using my other e-mails? *teehee*


  101. Dhadha November 9, 20082:33 pm

    Sa rule po eh only 1 email per contestant to be used for subscribing to feed but pwede mo naman i-link sa lahat ng sites mo yung mga blogs ko at pwede ka din magpost ng maraming entry para makakuha ng additional points. Btw, 6 points added sa total points mo. So far meron kana 32 points. 🙂

  102. kat-pinksesa :') November 9, 20084:32 pm

    joined ur contest sis ^__^ sorry ngaun ku lng kse ncomplete yung mga gagawin ee.. 🙂 ➡


    that’s the url of my post sis ^__^

    email address that you used to subscribe to ur feeds: katmwah@gmail.com

    Technorati username: kath27kawaii

    link of your Blogroll: http://pinksesa.net/linkage

    😳 gudluck to everyone ^__^

  103. Ienne November 9, 20088:52 pm

    Aww mukhang exciting yan ate ah hehehe.

  104. Dhadha November 10, 200811:21 am

    sis, so far meron ka nang 11 points.. kasi wala naman dun sa list ng subscribers ko yung katmwah@gmail.com then error page din ang sa technorati mo.. 🙂

  105. Dhadha November 10, 200811:22 am

    sali ka na rin sis.. heheheh! 😆

  106. kat-pinksesa :') November 10, 20086:16 pm

    sis. pxenxa na. hindi ku pa pla naconfirm yung subcriptions ku sau. pero nagun okay na..

    😥 awww.. ayaw nung technorati ku? pero chineck ku, fave na kita dun sis.. check mu ulit sis.. bka makita na.. thanks po 😳 gudluck sa lhat 🙂

  107. gail November 10, 20089:11 pm

    hai po. I emailed you eh. Just incase you didn’t receive it. =D Im going to tell you nah ate. BTW, nice contest! Goodluck to you! mua!

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    done posting contest.
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    subscribed. 🙂 – o0okichio0o@yahoo.com
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    wee. I have no time for the other option. 😛 I will just see my luck. HAHA goodluck to you and to all who joined. 🙂

  109. Nina November 12, 20082:29 pm

    Yieeeee sasali na ako hahaha 😛

    Blogged about the contest –


    at isusunod ko na lang yun iba later lol

  110. dale November 12, 20087:53 pm

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  111. koerni November 13, 20086:07 am

    thanks for the contest invitation

    happy birthday though it’s kinda late 🙂

    here’s the link about the contest and banner

  112. Dhadha November 16, 200811:30 pm

    Hi guys! I’m going to update by tomorrow afternoon since I was really busy this week kaya walang updates + d ko pa na checheck ang entries ng mga new participants. 😳

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  116. Dhadha November 20, 20084:31 pm

    Thanks for joining! All in all you earned 23 points.. 🙂

  117. Dhadha November 20, 20084:35 pm

    Thanks for joining! All in all you earned 23 points.. 😉

  118. alyssa November 23, 200812:48 am

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  120. gail November 23, 200810:49 am

    mangangamusta lng po? hehe. 🙂 di ka man nagreply skin e .:(

  121. Dhadha November 23, 20081:54 pm

    oks na sis.. thanks so much for joining! punta lng you dito to know your scores. thanks! http://maldita.us/2008/11/20/update-2-dhadhas-double-celebration-contest 🙂

  122. Dhadha November 23, 20081:59 pm

    Hi sis! Sorry sa d pagreply.. Kasi naman super busy ako.. Btw, all in all meron ka nang 27pts.. If you like to perfect it to 30 + 10 additional points pa, you can do the step 6.. dont worry, it will only take you 30 e para mag sign-up.. oh, punta lng you dito to know your scores. thanks! http://maldita.us/2008/11/20/update-2-dhadhas-double-celebration-contest 🙂

  123. Dhadha November 23, 20082:00 pm

    Thanks for joining sis! 🙂

  124. Dhadha November 23, 20082:06 pm

    punta ka na lng dito to see your total points.. thanks! http://maldita.us/2008/11/20/update-2-dhadhas-double-celebration-contest 🙂

  125. alyssa November 23, 20082:18 pm

    hi sis ahmm can i ask my friend to blog about this ontest and put my name there tpos akin ung pts.? wahehehe wala na ksi aku mgawa to gain pts eh nagawa ku na lhat 😀 mwaahh!

  126. gail November 24, 20086:52 pm

    haii . ahm, i registered na ate. 🙂

  127. Dhadha November 24, 20087:51 pm

    hi alyssa! of course sis.. you can ask help from you friends.. just send me the url ng pot para ma add ko sa points mo.. 🙂

  128. Dhadha November 24, 20087:51 pm

    Thanks! Ok na, na add ko na dun sa points mo.. Thanks! 😳

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    Joined this contest! 😀

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  137. Ericka November 30, 200810:41 am

    I’m too late about this. Pero may nagawa akong kaunti. It counts. Hope so.
    Sana manalo ^^



  138. alyssa November 30, 200812:02 pm

    hi sis naupdate mu na ba score ku? my friend Arlans help me knoment nya pu ung permalinks.. waaaah gudlak sa contest mlapet na mgclose waaah! XOXO!

  139. Dhadha November 30, 20082:58 pm

    Dhadha’s Double Celebration Contest is now officially CLOSED. Check back here on December 05 for the announcement of winners. Good luck everyone and thank you for joining! 😛

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