Dancing to the Beat of Zumba

Do you like dancing to the beat of Zumba? Zumba is a dance fitness program that combines dancing and aerobics together. I have taken Zumba classes from an actual Zumba dancer in the past, but due to my hectic schedule I decided to buy this game for my Xbox 360 and it’s an amazing exercise workout! If your new to Zumba don’t worry the game will guide you through more than 30 exciting body rocking routines that will make you forget you are even exercising. After playing a couple times I picked up on the basics of the dance moves and I breezed through most of it. I don’t really like doing workout DVDs, however this gives me enough interaction that it doesn’t feel like a workout DVD. Overall I really like it and if you like Zumba I encourage you to try it. You can really get a great cardio workout from this game.


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