Create Your Own Color

Create Your Own Color

Having a hard time finding makeup that matches your skin tone? These products are as close to custom-made as you can get.

  • Tinted Moisturizer For Your Tone
  • If all the tinted moisturizers you tried were a little off, why not mix your own? Take your everyday moisturizer and mix it with a pigmented product like the soya and bran oil-based Lush Colour Supplement on the back of your hand to create the perfect hue.

  • Check Color That Conforms
  • Can’t pick the perfect blush for your skin? Let your skin pick it for you. Try out pH-based products that adjust to your individual color and chemistry to come up with a shade that’s totally you, like Stila’s Custom Color Blush.

  • Personalized Pink Pout
  • Remember those fun, color-changing mood lipsticks from way back when? They’re making a grown-up comeback in the form of adaptable lip balm. But unlike the former lipsticks’ crazy hues, today’s sheer balms give your lips a natural rosy tinge. Try LipIce Fragrance-Free Sheer Color for that pretty pink.


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