Crazy Over Music

Music is my stress reliever, and when I say that I totally mean it. I can simply unwind and relax when I have the right music playing, and groove, party, and let loose when my favorite hip-hop or R&B music is on. I guess I can officially call myself a music lover as I always bring my ipod with me wherever I go. I can’t go out of the house without remembering to pack it on my purse or at least carry it along on my pocket. I have certain music preference already on my playlist set up to specifically meet my mood for the moment. Yes, I am that crazy over music and even when I am online I either have my music playing, the MTV on tv playing, or I listen to zumba music to accompany me on my online activity. I pretty much spend a lot of time online too but it gets a bit boring and dull when my surrounding is just too quiet which is why I rely on music to keep my mood and vibe going.


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