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Want to loose weight? Having a hard time finding effective weight loss pills? With over 400 weight loss pills available on the market, it can be extremely difficult for dieters to decide which is best for them. While they all sound promising, the majority of them do not live up to their claims. Prior to choosing a weight loss pills dieters should carefully research their options.

Below is a chart containing a comprehensive evaluation of the best weight loss pill which have the most potential to help you reach your weight loss goals safely, effectively, and permanently — all while paying the lowest price possible. The research provides an evaluation of each product based on the following criteria:

    Weight Loss Potential
    Mood Enhancement
    Metabolism Enhancement
    Appetite Suppression
    Ingredient Quality
    Company Reputation
    Long Term Results
    Consumer Testimonials
    Reorder Rates

All of the weight loss pills reviewed at Consumer Best Deals are 100% Ephedra-Free. Consumer Best Deals has also reviewed and ranked the 5 Best Weight Loss Books and the 10 Best Weight Loss Programs. To know more information on Consumer Best Deals, you may visit their site at


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