Christmas Village Ideas

But of course it’s never too soon to talk about Christmas preparations! Six months into the most celebrated holiday around the world and you can already imagine how you want your Christmas decors are going to be this year.

Can’t think of anything yet? How about you go all-out on the tiny Christmas village? This is the kind of Christmas theme that could use a good six-month preparation. Here are some décor ideas to put on your Christmas village:

  • Snow train – the Christmas village is never complete without a train running around the pretty village. GO for something with a classic design or use a simple, inexpensive train set right off the toy store.
  • Little gingerbread house – when you can’t copy the smell of freshly baked gingerbread house this early just yet, you can always try to get that really delicious look. Go for ceramic or polymer clay house. Or if you have the cash, invest in a porcelain one.
  • Villagers – what’s a village without villagers? You can recycle your kids’ old toys, build a whole village out of your McDonald’s toys collection, or get them cutesy little Department 56 Snowbabies. These collectibles are right off the bat cute and complete the look of any Christmas village.

Is it still too early to say Feliz Navidad now?


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