Being The Belle Of The Ball

Being The Belle Of The Ball - WeddingShe

We get to experience milestones in our lives when we are in our teens. A lot of firsts happen during this time. Some are worth remembering while others are better left forgotten. Many teenaged girls look forward to special occasions like the prom and their Sweet 16 birthday celebration. All birthdays are special but Sweet 16 is extra special and one that should be remembered forever. This party can either be formal or casual. You might have plenty of guests or only a few, but the bottom line is that it should be special.


Wearing The Right Evening Dress

WeddingShe: Wearing The Right Evening Dress

It’s a given that you should look your best whenever you attend a special occasion, especially if it’s going to be held at night. Elegant evening dresses are available in different styles, colors, fabrics etc. For you to find the best dress, you should know a great deal about fabric and design and know what type of body shape you have. It’s a fact that most high quality evening dresses are expensive so you may want to check their prices first and then stick to your budget. Also pick a fabric that’s comfortable to wear.


The Most Expensive Fabrics In The World

The Most Expensive Fabrics In The World

It comes as no surprise that the best fabrics demand a higher price tag. In fact, the fabric itself is typically the most expensive component of furniture and clothing.

Quality fabrics can easily cost in the hundreds of dollars per yard, and sometimes even in the thousands of dollars per yard. When it comes to fabric, you get what you pay for. The more expensive fabrics are softer, finer, rarer, and have a gorgeous appearance.


Places To Wear A Bikini (That You Hadn’t Thought Of!)

Places To Wear A Bikini (That You Hadn't Thought Of!)

The bikini is traditionally seen as something that should only ever be worn in certain settings, principally the beach, the pool, or your backyard. As garments intended to show as much skin as possible before becoming indecent, it is naturally assumed that it can only be used in such situations where exposed skin is not taboo. This, in turn, rather limits how often a bikini may be used. However, one should not allow themselves to be so restricted with their clothing or their expression. (more…)