Bracelet Layering {Arm Party}

Bracelet Layering {Arm Party}

Below is a handy dandy guide on how to create a super fun arm party of your own! There are a few key components to getting a complimentary combo of metal, color + swagger on your wrist:

  1. Start with the metals. Stick with gold or silver. Choose a chunky piece and then a more dainty piece. (I like the ratio of 1 thick metal piece for every 2 or 3 thinner metal pieces.)
  2. Add some color. Give the party a pop! I really like the elastic bracelets with gold coverings for a more elegant look and the more fabric-y colorful bracelets for a daytime look. As far as color schemes, go for a more bold look with neons or mix and match with earth tones, mustards + pinks!
  3. Throw in a watch. Make sure to match your metals! Add in a retro gold watch for a glam look or throw on your every day leather watch band for additional texture.
  4. Personal flare. Throw in a piece with your name or a saying your love for some extra personalization! If you are a glam girl, add some diamonds or rhinestones. A little punk rock? Let’s see those spikes! Can’t get enough of the navajo trend? Add some printed pieces!

The best part of the party is making it your own!

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