Bra-Buying Tips

Can’t seem to find a brassiere that fits? Read on to know how to snag the perfect pair.

Bra-Buying Tips

According to a recent episode of Oprah, a whopping 85 percent of women are guilty of buying the wrong bra size. It should pain every woman to know that millions of breasts across around the world are being mistreated! Here, some purchasing pointers:

  • Size yourself regularly.
  • Measure your torso under your boobs. If the number is even, add 4; if it’s odd, add 5. Next, measure around the fullest part of your bust. Compare the two numbers: A one-inch difference means you’re an A cup, two inches, a B, and so on.

  • Check out the fit in the mirror.
  • The cups should lie smooth against your skin. The underwire is supposed to rest on your rib cage, and the center-front panel should lie against the chest wall.

  • Don’t forget the back view.
  • Make sure the band rests against the middle of your back without hiking up. Also, the straps should sit firmly on your shoulders without slipping or leaving red marks.

  • Pay attention to the material.
  • If you have sensitive skin, choose all-cotton bras, which may be less irritating.

  • Toss it when the elastic gives.
  • After about six months of regular wear, some bras will start losing elasticity. When you detect a looser fit or frequently have to adjust the straps, junk it.

Source: Liz Smith, Director of Retail Services, Wacoal America, Inc.


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