Best TVs Are Samsung TVs

Are you looking for a TV? Then I recommend Samsung TVs and nothing else. I recently purchased a Samsung TV to replace my 50 inch plasma that was just too dark for my living room. Out of the box, the TVs picture quality was flawless. I’m a photographer, and I have used a variety of monitors through the years and only my current 30 inch dell monitor (3007 model) came close to its picture quality. When I first received my TV from Samsung it was less than an inch thick, and it only had the standard HDMI and USB connections but I wanted more like Coax, Network and Component video connectors so I called Samsung to ask where I could buy some, and the lady on the phone asked for my address, and said she’d just send them to me. It only took six days, and I got a box with everything in it including a remote control. Now that’s customer service.


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