Best Place To Buy A Musical Equipment

Where do you think can you get a great deal on sweet black guitar? Where else, of course on Musician’s Friend, the best music superstore ever! I’m trying to learn how to play the guitar so I purchased a starter package from them and it was so cool! If you actually know how to play guitar then you probably want to get something better. If you know nothing about playing guitar and just want one around that you can mess with then this is the one for you. It looks like a real guitar, feels like one and sounds like one as well. Of course I know nothing about guitars but I know that I now have one that and I didn’t have to spend much to get it. It’s really great considering the price. The case and tuner are pretty weak but who cares at this price. It did stink of paint for the first couple of weeks but the smell is gone now. I guess it was fresh from the factory. Anyway, this is a fantastic first guitar for someone who just wants to try it and not invest a crazy amount of money.


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