Best Bridal Shops In The U.S.

When you are getting ready to head down the aisle, you want everything to be perfect. Next to your soon-to-be spouse, your dress is most important. There are a few places that have the perfect dress for you. It may take a little traveling to get to these places, but it is certainly worth the miles.

Best Bridal Shops In The U.S.

Atlanta Bridal Shops

If you are looking for best in southern belle designs, Atlanta is where you want to go to get your wedding gown. You will find the perfect mix of luxury and femininity in the gowns found here. While you can find every color, you will find the largest of selections to be white, off white and champagne, as these are traditional colors. Regardless of your budget, you will find the gown that will make your special day absolutely perfect. You are also sure to find a lot of rather ornate and intricate gowns. So, if you are looking for jewels and plenty of flair, Atlanta is where you want to head to get your gown.

St. Louis Bridal Shops

St. Louis is in the heart of the Midwest and offers the best selection of traditional wedding gowns. St. Louis bridal shops can be found all over town and you have a few dozen options. The clerks are friendly and the prices tend to be quite good. You will find every traditional-style gown that you could think of, as well as plenty of gowns that do not conform to the normal “white and long” trend. You can find gowns in every color, every length and some that are just incredibly eclectic.

New York City Bridal Shops

New York City is a fashion mecca that offers the most options when it comes to designer and modern wedding gowns. If you want to be able to choose from the latest designer gowns, NYC is where you want to shop. You will also find modern gowns and the most popular wedding designers all in this city. The designer labels tend to be pricey, but there are also plenty of budget-conscious bridal shops as well.


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