Belt Organizer

Recently, I got fascinated with belts. Yes, belts. I even bought myself eight (8) with different colors and textures. Since sheer tops and shorts + belts are “in” today, I decided to go with the fad. I’m not usually used with the “tucked-in” kind of style (which I always see nowadays especially with girls at the mall) but I’ll just give it a try — because I find it cute! LOL. Belts, check. Shorts, check. Tops, next! Yayayay!

Belt Organizer

Anyway, speaking of belts, I was looking for a way to organize mine. I now have twelve (12) and honestly, it’s all scattered everywhere. I have this hanger but I don’t really like hanging my belts on it as it always drop and most of the time, I’m too lazy to pick it all up.

A friend suggested I should get a box for me to store all my belts to get it organized and look nice. And I did! I bought one at SM City for only P65.00. It was actually on sale! Its original price is P119.75. Lucky me. 🙂

Belt Organizer
iBox: The new home of my belts

Belt Organizer

Belt Organizer

Belt Organizer
P54.75 savings!

How about you? How do you organize your belts?


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  1. imriz

    August 15, 2012 at 8:55 pm

    im into belts, too. i have a hook type hanger which i used to hang my belts, scarfs, etc…

    and, yes, there’s so many sale nowadays…i love 🙂

    also, sheer tops are so in…sayang, di ko keribels 🙂 40’s mom here 🙂

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