Being Beautiful Means Using Swish

Beauty for me is not just about the outside appearance but also about having a pure heart. As they say being beautiful inside and out. Some women go to great lengths, even plastic surgery just to look perfect. Let us not forget that observing good hygiene should always be a part of every woman’s beauty regimen and this includes using an effective mouthwash every time we brush our teeth.

Being Beautiful Means Using Swish
Minty meets fruity in this sparkling blend of mint and Mangosteen! The unique mint taste will give your mouth a refreshingly cool mint flavor.

Swish is my brand of choice not only because it gives me long lasting fresh breath that lasts the whole day but also because it is more affordable than any other brand. I also like the fact that they have a breath spray that I can bring everyday and I can use right away whenever the need arises.

Being Beautiful Means Using Swish
Swish Mouthwash is the sure way to long lasting fresh breath.

Swish is a quality product of United Laboratories Inc. It is powered by SureFresh Technology which eliminates bad breath causing bacteria, removes plaque and tartar, and prevents gingivitis and other gum problems. When you use Swish you would not have any of that burning sensation when you gargle because it is alcohol-free. You can gargle longer and as many times as you want. A 20ml amount of Swish, two times a day for 30 seconds is all it takes to have great smelling breath.

Being Beautiful Means Using Swish
Gargle 20ml of Swish Mouthwash twice a day for 30 seconds for best result.

Try their Mangosteen Mint variant for that pleasantly fresh, minty taste on your mouth. Once you try and get used to it, I am sure it is gonna be a part of your daily routine. Their other variants are Cinnamon Blast, Icy Choco Mint, Peppermint Fresh, and Arctic Chill available in 35ml (P35), 60ml (P46.75), 120ml (P75), and 250ml (P137.50) bottles.

Being Beautiful Means Using Swish

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