Back To The 60s

Back To The 60s

From the roaring 20s to modern day fashion, swinging 60s fashion holds the greatest fascination for me. So much was going on in terms of politics, music, and society in general that transferring all that energy into fashion is inevitable. Young people at that time refused to stick to norms and thus 60s style fashion such as mini skirts, short A-line dresses, bold geometric and psychedelic prints, bright colors, tie dye shirts, plastic jewelery, head scarves, grandma bags, cat eyeglasses, tunics and capes for men and many others came about. Seeing pixie haired women and bearded and long haired men on the streets became ordinary.

Since retro is so cool, famous designers keep reviving it and fashionistas all over the world cannot help but pick items from the 60s and make it work into their own styles. The big return of flower prints, polka dots, and stripes in the Spring/Summer 2014 collections of many designers is definitely an indication that 60s trends is back and probably here to stay. Certain bold pieces may not work for some people, but there is definitely a piece or two that would go well with your personal taste. Mixing and matching clothes and accessories that came from that time with modern trends is also a viable option.


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