Are You Thinking Of Buying Bedroom Toys?


If someone is considering buying an adult or bedroom toy, they often believe the only places to get them are rundown shops in the back alley of a less than reputable inner city area or through a seemingly suspect online retailer. Fortunately, one chain of stores in the UK has been going for four decades, selling the very best in erotic lingerie, adult toys and accessories. Ann Summers have over 140 high street branches across the UK, Republic of Ireland and Spain, and sell a number of products which have helped couples keep the magic going.

They also have a wide range of adult toys that though taboo in our conservative society are now seen by couples as means to make their relationship more enjoyable. For example the Rampant Rabbit which is as synonymous with the chain as flirty panties at Ann Summers, as they claim to sell the original and the best.

For sure or just to assume, your wife may not have used a vibrator before so giving it as a gift may seem unnatural, but these toys add spice to your romantic life. If wondering what would would be the perfect gift for her, a mans guide usually consists of items like chocolate and perfume, but really niceties – as cami or corset or a rampant rabbit, although more leftfield than normal presents, could be one of the best presents to buy the woman in your life.

Other ideal gifts for her could include lingerie, fancy dress to help you and your partner play out any fantasies you’ve both had, or, if you fancy a giggle, then there are a few adult board games which Ann Summers sell as a great idea for a present. The most popular of the lot is Monogamy, which has received praise from magazines such as Cosmopolitan. However, there are other games in their range, including the Connect4-inspired Foreplay in a Row, which is bound to raise a laugh or two.



  1. Matsumoto

    March 2, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    Pretty, pretty and sexy cami…is it a cami? 😀 basta pink!

  2. Leighann Bacigalupi

    March 5, 2012 at 4:05 am

    I am looking for a co-ed sex toy company that has good products for a cheep price. Athenas is expensive and I’ve heard of one other that isn’t too bad. Any suggestions?

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