An Open Letter To The Online Shopaholic

Dear You,

Let me start this by saying ‘you are not alone in this world’. There is a fella right across the street, another one two blocks away, and maybe, you are actually sharing a house with another online shopaholic. We all share the same passion for browsing through the wonderful collections of online shops, of mixing and matching, of filling out the order form, the thrills of online banking, and the joys and excitement of getting that visit from the courier.

An Open Letter To The Online Shopaholic

It’s a Christmas treat at every delivery and only a true blue online shopaholic could know how it exactly feels.

Whether you are new to this hobby or have been there since the dawn of online shopping history, it is wise to know some of these things that keep our shopping experience happy – for us and for our beloved sellers.

  1. Choose your sellers wisely.
  2. Online shopping is like boxing, we have to remember to ‘protect ourselves at all times’. Read customer feedback; buy from stores referred by friends; check for other proofs of legitimacy.

  3. Read the Terms and Conditions.
  4. Life is never too short to read these things. They are very important things you have to know about the store and their policies – especially on delivery and payments. Oh, and it should have policies on returns and exchanges.

  5. Check for proofs of security.
  6. One of the most popular modes of payment in online shopping is through credit card. This also happens to be the most risky. So look for those telltale signs of CC security like Verisign. Or better yet, pay via Paypal or money transfer.

  7. Choose your items wisely.
  8. Make sure it is what you are looking for, correspond with the seller regarding the item, and ask about everything you need to know.

  9. Pay. On time. Pay when you say you would.
  10. You surely don’t want to be on the bogus buyers list? And, you surely don’t want the big K-A-R-M-A to not be in your favor?

Online shopping can be as wonderful as we want it to be. Be a wise and nice shopper – every time. Happy shopping!


Your Fellow Online Shopaholic


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