Accessorizing With Fur

Accessorizing With Fur

How much time do you spend trying to find the perfect accessories for every outfit in your closet? While accessories are crucial to creating a stylish look from head to toe, you don’t want to spend more time picking out pearls and diamonds than you spend perfecting your hair and makeup. You may get out the door faster while looking amazing if you learn to accessorize with fur.

Add a Vest

When you mention fur, many people automatically assume you are talking about fur coats. The perfect fur coat can absolutely take any outfit to a new level of style, but you should also consider adding a fur vest to your wardrobe.

Vests can become a part of your actual outfit so that you wear them all day rather than taking them off once you reach the office or a social event. A short vest left open over a cute top can give an unexpected touch that grabs attention in a fun way. A longer vest closed with a belt can help create a sophisticated look that will earn you respect.

Add a Touch of Color

The best brands are now thinking beyond standard white, black and brown furs. Look for fun coats with red, blue and other splashes of color. You will still have a use for your more traditional-looking coats and vests, but sometimes a splash of color is what you need to bring an outfit to life.

When you accessorize with fur, you don’t have to add additional touches to perfect your look. Fur makes such a bold statement so that you can throw it on when in a rush, knowing you will look great.


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